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Zen Marketing

Wholesale Of Laptop and Desktop & Related All Products

Interested in Buying Laptops, Computers And Related Equipment in Bulk?

One Best Stop For Buying In Bulk…

Zen Marketing is a leading Canadian laptop & desktop wholesaler of refurbished business and consumer technology and service company. We are the wholesale market master in Canada.

We offer a full range of services and support, we make it simple for our clients to discover, select and enjoy the proper technology for them, throughout the life of the product.

Because of our experience and strengths, especially those that come from our scale, we are better placed than anyone to help clients enjoy technology.

We strive in providing quality products at extremely competitive costs accessible to everyone; Laptops, Desktop PCs, Notebook computers, LCD Monitors, Peripherals, computer accessories, Projectors, Networking equipment are simply to call a few.

Select The Right System (Laptop & Desktop)

Buying a Laptop or Desktop can be a big investment and with so many different options available to you it can be hard to decide which computer meets your technical needs and what is within your budget.

The team Zen Marketing has pulled together a guide that will hopefully help you decide what’s best for you when looking to buy a Laptop or Desktop.

Products offered in Bulk By Us

  • Bulk Desktops
  • Bulk Notebooks / Laptops
  • Bulk Workstations
  • Bulk Servers
  • Bulk LCD Monitors

Our Advantages

  •  Large Quantity Discounts
  •  Exclusive Deals and Offers
  •  Tailored solutions to your needs

Wholesale Pricing For Laptops, Desktops And Whole Products

We normally sell our systems and monitors by container load. To receive the pricing advertised it needs to purchase by the palette or the container. Please call us for retail pricing. We welcome potential clients to visit one of our warehouses in Canada to inspect our facilities and our PCs. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that our clients will receive tested/working Laptops and Desktops at excellent prices.